Frequently Asked Questions (Because apparently I get those…)

Are you published yet?
Not yet. Maybe some day. That’s what I’m working toward. 0309201836

You write Christian Fiction? So, like Hallmark Movies?  *No joke, I was actually asked this question.*
While there are some Christian Fiction books that read like Hallmark movies, there are plenty more that deal with the hard stuff of life, and that’s what I like to write.

What does D.M. in your name mean?
I explain it all right here.

I’m thinking about writing a book, any advice for me?
Run away… Haha, I’m kidding.
I have two pieces of advice. One: just write. Don’t worry about editing, publishers, agents. If you have a story in your head that needs to get out, then write it. All the rest of the writing life will fall into place once you keep going. My second piece of advice is to find a community. There’s plenty of online writing communities, and your local libraries and book stores should have a list of local writer groups.

How and why did you start writing?
It’s a looooooonnnng story. Some day I will post about it, but today is not that day.

Have you always been a Green Bay Packers fan?
No. I didn’t grow up in a big sports family, so we weren’t loyal to any sports teams at all. When I met my Packer-crazed husband, he introduced the fandom to me and explained the rules of football. It took a few years, but now I’m a die-hard Packers fan. If you meet me at a writers’ conference, you’ll see my Packer loyalty pinned to my badge and I’ll probably be wearing Packer socks…

Soooo…why the obsession with typewriters?
They are such unique machines. There is something about the permanence about typing words onto a sheet of paper. It’s that permanence that makes you sloooow down your writing.

How many typewriters do you own?
Five and counting.

But do you actually use them?
I sure do. I’ve never written a whole novel on a typewriter (YET!) but I have written chapters for my books when I needed to slow down and/or was having trouble with working on my laptop. I’ve also used them to a make crafts and projects. I mostly use my 1958 Smith Corona Sterling. The only one that doesn’t work is the 1930s Underwood. I’ll either have to find a typewriter repair shop or learn to fix it myself.