Quiet Moments in Quarantine: New Life in the New Normal

Several days ago, the air in the house was getting stuffy, so I went around the house opening up windows. But a small part of me did it because I needed some kind of normalcy in this quarantine craziness. The normalcy of open windows on a nice day, listening to the wind chimes outside and a breeze coming into the house. I’m sure everyone craves some kind of normalcy right now and are doing all they can to create it.

But we don’t just crave normal, we want hope. Hope that there is life on the other side of this chaotic time. Hope that we can get back to our normal lives as soon as possible. I know, some days it feels like that day will never come.

Quiet Moments in Quarantine_ New Life in the New Normal

As I opened a window in my living room, my eyes caught on the small bush plant on one corner of our front garden. At this time last year, I thought that little bush was long dead. There was a huge weed growing in the middle of it, the big branches were brittle and easily fell apart if you touched it. I told my husband we’ll need to dig it up and toss it aside with the new garden plans we’re hoping to pursue.

But about a month or two later when my mom was visiting, she thought the little bush was alive and suggested that I just trim back the dead branches and weeds, and then see what happens.

New BudsSo I did. And a year later, that little bush has buds. Cute little green buds ready for new life and a second chance.

It offered me a glimmer of hope. Perhaps God is using this quarantine time to trim out the dead stuff to bring out something new and alive. This quarantine isn’t even done yet and we’ve already seen a lot of good come out of it. People finding new ways to get connected. New hobbies found. Churches preaching the gospel all over social media. Neighbors entertaining each other from their driveways.

Jesus did say, “Every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away, and every branch that does not bear fruit he prunes, that it may bear more fruit.” (John 15:2) And I know, the plant he’s referencing is a grapevine, but I’m sure you know where I’m getting at.

What are the things this quarantine has taken away that we now realize we really don’t need? What things did we take for granted? What is God trying to tell us?

I sure pray that when this is all over, we keep trimming. Look at our resumed busy schedules and snip away the things that do not help us love our families and neighbors, and that take us away from walking with God.

So tell me: What things are you learning to appreciate in this quarantine?

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